Cui Hu, Green Lake

This fellow used a water-filled brush to write temporary calligraphy on the stone squares of Cui Hu, Green Lake park, in the center of Kunming.

The days blur by, filled with sights and experiences. I can now cross the street without fear. So I have adjusted to life in Kunming. Previously the weave of cabs, cars, bikes and scooters was terrifying, unintelligible. To cross the street I hugged some unsuspecting pedestrian and stayed as close as love.  But now I simply wait with the rest of the populace and when we have waited long enough, when the buses pause and the traffic briefly thins, we claim the road and cross. Above all never stop to consider the path of this scooter, that bicycle, this taxi. They are steady in their path. You must be too. Stay steady in your path with calm alertness and the way becomes easy. That is how it is done.

View across a corner of Cui Hu, Green Lake, the large park in the heart of Kunming. Islands dot the lake, connected by stone bridges. Construction cranes hover in the distance.

Cui Hu, Green Lake, is at the heart of Kunming. Weekends it is jam-packed with people enjoying the lake and its pleasures, located on islands connected by stone bridges. Lots of trees, food, traditional pavilions and people dancing, including people in ethnic dress.

Below are pictures from a weekday at Cui Hu. If you click on one, then you can use the arrow to move through the 10-image gallery.